The leading supplier of small scale combined heat and power equipment for biogas


Enerswede AB is a Swedish company working in the field of small scale Combined Heat and Power production (CHP) based on utilazing micro turbine technology. Microturbines has very low NOx emissions and are well suited to run on different types of biogases where piston engines experience problems with operation and availability due to impurites of the biogas from digestion of sewage or gas from landfill sites.

For more than a hundread years there has been central heating systems in operation in buildings and turbines has been around for an even longer period in different applications. Enerswede AB combines the best of both worlds and offer a concept where You as a client can be self-sufficient in both electricity and heat with the use of modern technology developed in close co-operation with two of Swedens largest companies, ABB and Volvo. We call it ”Distributed Generation”.