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Mikroturbinen Ansaldo Turbec AE-T100

Robust, reliable and durable

The core and the great advantage in the Ansaldo Turbec AE-T100 microturbine is the engine developed by Turbec.

A well designed and balanced rotating part with a permanently magnetized rotor, compressor and turbine on a single shaft rotating at a speed of 70.000 rpm. Hot gases from the combustion chamber drive the turbine. The hot gases are allowed to expand through the turbine resulting in a rotational movement. The remaining heat after the expansion over the turbine is used to pre-heat the compressed air in the recuperator.

Excess heat after the recuperator can be utilized for production of hot water, steam or for drying.

The microturbine has with the technology developed by Turbec significant advantages over the piston engine when operated on biogases. Emissions of NOx and CO are very low.